Selling my ‘Spring Plant Patchwork’ at our Open Studio in June has encouraged me to continue painting in that way.

I’m really excited about my new images based on some greenhouse plants I photographed at Wallington last month. I am happy with the balance of dark and light tones, giving a strong impression of depth, and I love the grey/lilac colours.

The colours and tones are showing really well on photographic paper, and are much better to work from than prints on matt paper, even though they are not the same size as the paintings.

The outline of the images is printed at the same size as the canvas. This time I’m only using an A4 printer, so I’m having to divide each 12″ square into two halves at the outline stage.

I’m still painting a base colour before using old fashioned carbon paper to transfer the main outlines to the canvas.

I started the painting last week, and I’ve nearly completed all the flower sections of this square which will be the top left quadrant. I’ll start the grey/green background soon, and also prepare the next outlines.