Sarah and I very much enjoyed being at the Hearth before Christmas,among such friendly and hospitable people.

We sold some of our joint craftwork pieces and also made contact with the owners of an art shop at Corbridge who came to see us the following week for some printed bags, aprons and T towels to sell at their shop.

I’ve still got quite a way to go with this purple patchwork painting.

I’ve been working instead on the beginnings of a set of smaller canvasses, also based on greenhouse plants, in similar colours.

I want to stay with the same greenhouse plants theme, but I need to start to include other groups of colour as well as purples such as yellows and oranges I think.

The small canvasses are all 5 inches square at the moment, though I plan to vary the scale and shape a little and include rectangles and some slightly larger squares.

They don’t have the overlapping shapes that the larger group paintings have and may look better displayed with spaces between them.